Singularity Of Time


The Brand word: Freedom

The GNS 1.2 marks the birth of the independent Watchmaking brand, securing a GPHG Award for Mechanical Exception in 2019 and delighted the watch world with a sophisticated mechanical marvel. A ‘grand entrance’ is apt in describing how Genus entered the watchmaking industry.

A Genus timepiece such as the GNS 1.2 is manufactured entirely in their independent workshop in Geneva. From conceptualization, development and assembly, the GNS 1.2 follows tradition and presents the highest standards of Swiss Haute Horlogerie. Tradition is reflected in the use of precious metals not just with the watch case, but even to the bridges and base plate. Flagship products tend to set a benchmark for other watches to follow under the brand. The sophisticated, seamless and innovative movement of the GNS 1.2 is a world first, patented and defining a unique way of telling time. With an “eyeful” of a debut timepiece, we wonder how much more can the next model offer?

Discover the engineering marvel and inspiration behind the Genus GNS 1.2 at Singapore Watch Fair 2022.

Exhibiting : 26-30th October 2022

Booth No: C19/C20


Catherine Henry

Catherine is the Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder of Genus, bring in immense business experience across a wide industry that stretches from Insurance and Trading, to F & B and Construction. Building on her extensive practical experience, she later chose to mentor SMEs and start-ups in organizing, managing and growing their businesses. Catherine is passionate and authentic, and loves to innovate and develop new things. Starting from a blank page with GENUS is a stimulating challenge to her. Her business experience coupled with the works of the maestro, Sébastien, gave the brand a very promising credibility and future in the watchmaking industry.

"When you venture into unknown territory as we are today with GENUS, you can’t expect the road to be an easy one, but we are proud of how far we’ve come so far. And we’re only at the beginning of our journey”. Says the COO of Genus.

“We live in an infinite universe, limited only by our beliefs.”

Sébastien Billières

Son of a watchmaker, Sébastien began his career working directly under the master, Roger Dubuis. He was first to join Felix Baumgartneron at the beginnings of Urwerk, prototyping, testing and parts manufacturing as part of the Harry Winston Opus V project. In 2006, he created 2 dedicated curricula for the IFAGE; Modular Training in Watchmaking and Training in Industrial Quality. Sébastien moved on to developing ground-breaking mechanisms and complications for high watchmaking “Maisons”. His business grew with specialised operations in the assembly of “Poinçon de Genève” calibres.

Genus is the culmination of his years of acquiring mastery in diverse fields, and robust experience working with the best. Sébastien, as a watchmaker is not only capable of developing and producing watches but also proficient in education and the overall furtherance of the mastery.



26th - 30th October 2022

Free Admission for the public

11am - 8pm daily


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