Pure unadulterated watchmaking tradition

Swiss watches made the way a century ago

We do not count the hours of manufacture; we focus on the years that the watch will tell the time to the future owner.

Oscillon manufactures watches the way our great-grand father used to, using old manually operated machines and finished by skilled watchmakers; no two watches are exactly alike.

Made in Switzerland, the brand is known for first seeking out the traditional watchmaking machines and tools, refurbishing them to operational status before producing their debut model - The Fundamentum. Oscillon consciously adopts their own unique approach to the manufacture of every single parts in a watch, on the believe that quality cannot be hurried and this investment of time results in something of lasting value.

This passion and the professional pride of the team of specialists are apparent in every watch and results in an object of lasting value, best reflected in the Fundamentum. A seemingly simple and unpretentious three-handed timepiece that draws attention to the hand-crafted details and quality of make which is the fundamental of Swiss watchmaking. Oscillon and the Fundamentum isn't for just any average consumers for it takes an enthusiast to understand and appreciate how and what is being created at Oscillon.

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Dominique Buser & Cyrano Devanthey

A seed planted more than 30 years ago

Founded by two young and established watchmakers who got acquainted in watchmaking school in Solothurn, Switzerland, Oscillon is the common ambition of Dominique Buser & Cyrano Devanthey.

The seeds were planted more than 30 years ago with a conversation to build their own watch when apprenticeship ends. Although the duo went separate ways after graduation, they maintained in close contact due a common passion for collecting vintage machines and tools. The duo would hone their skills an experience with Urwerk as the company's primary engineers before establishing Oscillon in 2012.


18th - 21st October 2023

Hotel Equarius Ballroom, Resorts World Sentosa,

8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269

Free Admission for the public

12pm - 8pm daily


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