The journey of TENZO began with Alexander Tenzo’s trip to Sri Lanka — his first acquaintance with the world of gemstones, which introduced him to the passion of his life. For several years, Alexander was involved in the mining and cutting of Nature’s wonderful creations in Asia and Africa, which formed the basis for the future jewellery collections. At first, he was focused on a play with forms and colour combinations, but over time he grew more closely engaged with the art of jewellery and traditional techniques, thus opening boundless opportunities for the creation of his jewellery pieces. Gradually moving forward, Alexander met with craftsmen who possessed the appropriate skills and abilities to implement his visions.

The work is carried out with various kinds of rare gems, and the jewels are created in a single instance. However, despite the complexity and diversity of their elements, the one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces are comprehensible, and that is why they may be passed on as family heirlooms. People who admire TENZO are those who have reached a deep understanding of inspirational art, with jewellery art being one of its most peculiar parts


Caratell, named as top 10 jewellery designer and the Golden Crown winner for the Luxury Lifestyle Award, is the eponymous Haute Joaillerie atelier of sophisticated edgy style and distinction of precision in the region. Popular among jewellery connoisseurs, from the selection of rare and exquisite gemstone to excellent craftsmanship, each piece attests to their dedication to maintaining high standards of quality while gracefully merging the demands of contemporary aesthetics and poised elegance. A new chapter unfolds as Caratell unveils TEFNUT Sleeping Beauty, a collection of dreamy timepieces launched during BaselWorld 2017, a collaboration with independent watchmaker Moritz Grossmann.