Place Vendôme is home to the legendary Maison Verney, helmed by the talented designer, Michel Ermelin.


Verney invented the ‘joaillerie classique’ style – the new classicism in French jewellery that is based on the harmony of colours and balance of forms.


Michel Ermelin, with his outstanding technical capabilities, creates every jewellery to be a combination of technical feats of ingenuity and wearable yet creative design – making Verney’s pieces extraordinary heirlooms for the future.


Amedeo’s design philosophy is to revitalize the ancient art of cameo-making with an extremely contemporary approach that applies alternative materials, unexpected and bold ideas, and smile-triggering visualisations. Born with jewellery in his DNA, Amedeo mastered the art of carving Cameos in his father’s company, M+M Scognamiglio, continuing an artistic tradition dating back to the early 1800s, in his hometown of Torre del Greco. A trailblazer with his innovative methods and designs, Amedeo has created an iconic brand that stands out in the world of luxury jewellery.


Sicis Jewels

Sicis Jewels has elevated mosaic art – giving value and a new platform for its flexibility and stunning beauty. The most important creator of contemporary mosaic applied to fine jewelry, Sicis has brought about the genius convergence of passionate artists, goldsmiths, and art masters who invent, reinterpret, create and believe in the magic of mosaic art. After 20 years of research in the most famous museums and archives such as the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg (Russia) and the Musei Vativani (Vatican City), Sicis Jewels developed a department for Micromosaic Jewels and Watches dedicated to study and improve the application of this technique.

Marina B

Marina Bulgari’s adventurous and ambitious spirit led her to leave her family’s famed Maison in 1976 to launch Marina B. Determined and able to make her own name whilst honoring her family’s passion and heritage, Marina’s unique style became world-renown for its boldness and timelessness. Rich and opulent yet so very contemporary, Marina invented her own gemstone cuts whilst reinventing many others. She opened her first showroom in Geneva in 1978, which led to boutiques in Milan, Paris and New York. In its present day, Guy Bedarida brings the brand into the right now, with beautiful collections that continue to embrace Marina’s innovative style.

Faraone Mennella

Famed for bringing their inimitable sparkle to the highly-acclaimed TV series, ‘Sex & the City’, Roberto Faraone Mennella and Amedeo Scognamiglio draw their inspiration from classical Italian heritage and then infuse their creations with contemporary style. Their jewellery on the hit series brought a new concept to New York City – wearing fine jewels as fashion statements for the everyday. Since then, the brand’s creations have been featured in blockbusters such as The Devil Wears Prada, Wall Street, It’s Complicated, When in Vegas, and in TV shows such as Will & Grace and Lipstick Jungle.