Alessandra Dona

Alessandra Dona, the brand was established in 2009, at Venezia, Italy, in a 500-year-old Italian building of Palazzo Capra Querini. All her jewelry has been born in the building with the Italian inspiration and touch. Made with selected pearls from one of the world’s largest pearl companies, to secure only the best pearls. All our jewels are made from 18k gold, diamonds and semi-precious stones. The quality assurance process is very thorough, to ensure that customers receive only the best terms of luxury, refinement and fineness. Created and designed two different types of the collection, FRIDAY NIGHT and TIMELESS. FRIDAY NIGHT reflects the view of the pearls of the future, giving ideas of positive, glamorous and contemporary. TIMELESS with a classically designed pearl jewelry with a touch of something more up to date, to make it more attractive to the modern market.

Yoko London

Yoko London prides themselves on creating the most exquisite pearl jewellery in the world.

This innovative brand from the United Kingdom works tirelessly at the very cutting edge of pearl jewellery design, creating collections that are timeless yet modern, highly glamorous and wearable.

Due to their intricacy, many Yoko London pieces are handmade, always to the highest standards, and completely one of a kind.


For 40 years, the Stenzhorn family has been crafting diamonds and jewels into fine art. A family business that is still owned and managed by family members, the company was founded in the romantic town of Boppard, Germany. Inspired by the breath-taking surroundings of their native setting, the first Stenzhorn collection was an obvious reflection of the family’s passion for nature.


Annamaria Cammilli

Inspired by nature, the Annamaria Cammilli Collection from Italy is a creation of Earth’s natural beauty brought to life with the delicate touch of the feminine perspective. Crafted in the likeness of arum lilies, roses, sunflowers, and flower bouquets; these breath-taking pieces are created using traditional goldsmithing techniques combined with modern smelting procedures. The effect of meticulous workmanship and exquisite colours is undeniably original and glamourous.


Founded in 1962 by Agostino Leonori, the house has been steadfast in creating jewellery that are enjoyable works of art that can be worn. From start to finish, each jewel honours traditional Italian craftsmanship by harnessing technical skills typical of those used by Leonori craftsmen to preserve the heritage and global recognition that brand commands.  Helming the brand today are sisters Eleonora and Elisabeth, who use the past as the fuel for the present; inspiring and guiding Leonori’s style and spirit. Even as the designs evolve to stay relevant to the present trends and preferences, Leonori achieves the timeless combination of elegance and boldness.


P&P Jewellery

Creating jewellery that is perfect from every angle, P&P Jewellery is helmed by founders Ksenia Podnesbesnaya and her brother, Ilya Podnebesny. Comfortable in breaking stereotypes, P&P Jewellery is highly respected for the highest-grade gems and pearls that are scrupulously processed and polished for the unique pieces of jewellery art. Especially distinctive to their collection, are the angel wings, symbolic of how angels reside in all of us; a philosophy that the founders have built their designs upon.  Whimsical, charming and yet bold and distinctive are the hallmarks of the P&P Jewellery, especially designed and created for comfortable everyday wear.


Paolo Costagli

Paolo Costagli is celebrated for its modern and distinctly bold designs. At the core of this sought-after brand is the creativity and technical expertise of its founder, Paolo Costagli. The clean geometrics, an acute attention to proportions and unique color combinations are a nod to the Italian landscape and architectural details of his upbringing in Florence and Venice.  With his signature Brillante bracelet on permanent display at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, it is no surprise that Paolo is recognized as an authority in gemstones and statement rings.