Singer Reimagined

The connection over design and engineering was instant. Over a year, Rob in California and Marco in Geneva riffed on cars, music, watches and a shared fascination with mechanical icons, particularly the iconic sport-classic chronographs of the late 1960s and ‘70s. From this discussion an idea was born; to create mighty timepieces that would reimagine high-watchmaking. It was at this point that a decisive encounter with a third pillar of the collaboration took place. Marco shared his idea for a unique chronograph with famed Master watchmaker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht.

Over the last few decades, Jean-Marc Wiederrecht has forged a reputation as one of Switzerland’s greatest and most creative independent watchmakers. A fervent defender of authentic watchmaking, he is focused on preserving and developing its unicity, leading him to found Agenhor in 1996. Based in Geneva, Agenhor specializes in the design of complex mechanical modules for some of the world’s most prestigious brands. Jean-Marc’s experience, knowledge and inventiveness have earned Agenhor’s creations a number of prestigious awards, including several at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève.

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House of Geneva

It began with a passion for gemstones and the desire to share a unique heritage.

The Maison was founded by a Swiss family. Originally in the gemstones and diamond trade, for four generations. Travelling from Burma through India, Sri Lanka, London and Paris before finally settling in Geneva, in the mid-20th century. House of Geneva was created in 2017 with the wish to work with local craftsmen to create unique and exclusive pieces.

The Maison’s style is classic, paired down and sophisticated. Traditional techniques allow genevan know-how and its master-craftsmen to shine. They embellish the finest gemstones and diamonds, selected with unique knowledge, passed down through generations. House of Geneva’s mission is to revive prestigious genevan Haute Joaillerie values and know-how, while respecting its social and environmental committment. «Luxury that makes sense» encapsulates House of Geneva’s values.

House of Geneva has an ethical vision of High Jewellery. Therefore, House of Geneva produces its jewels with ethical gold. It supports artisanal mining which has a positif impact on the environment. In addition, the gold’s extraction process is done without the use of mercury, which amplifies its environmental and social aspects. Pioneer, the brand wants to change the current codes of jewellery, to instore sustainable and responsible values