JeweLuxe Singapore is an exhibition developed to attract and encourage end consumers to shop. Jewellery and/or fashion retailers sometimes visit to source for brands to represent. The exhibition takes place in a custom built, air-conditioned, white tent at Ngee Ann City, and is a well-established venue for jewellery collectors and aficionados. It also has great shopping traffic as the Tent@Ngee Ann City is located in the heart of Singapore’s shopping district in front of Ngee Ann City. It is a premium shopping mall housing the flagship stores of luxury brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Cartier, Tiffany & Co, etc.

All exhibits and giveaways are subject to 7% Goods and Services Tax (GST) upon entry into Singapore unless duly declared for Exhibition purposes with the following documentation:

Option A | ATA Carnet

Overseas Participant can import exhibition goods into Singapore by ATA Carnet via freight cargo or hand-carry.

This allows the suspension of GST on importation and reduces time and customs clearance costs. Singapore customs allows exhibits brought in by ATA Carnet to be sold.
Should overseas Participants wish to sell goods in Singapore, GST is payable on the goods at 7% of the Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) value. The GST can be paid via an In-Payment permit through TradeNet, applied via the declaring agent/ freight forwarder.

Overseas Participant entering and leaving by hand-carry must present the required ATA Carnet documentation at entry and exit points for proper verification and endorsement.

Payment of GST and service fees must be made before leaving Singapore unless otherwise arranged with selected local freight forwarder.

Option B | Temporary Import Bond (TIB)

Three types of TIB permits apply:

Type 1 | Temporary Import Permit (“II” permit) This is to be presented to the Customs Officer at Airport or Land Checkpoint together with goods upon arrival in Singapore. The Customs Officer will endorse the permit after checks are done together with the goods. GST will not be paid at this point. Goods entering Singapore with such permits are valid for stay in Singapore for a maximum of 4 months. Extension of stay requires an extension letter and is subject to approval by Singapore Customs.

Type 2 | Export Permit (“OO” permit) This permit is to close the loop for goods that come in with “II” permit and which are not sold locally. This is to be presented to the Customs Officer at Airport or Land Checkpoint together with the goods before departure from Singapore. The Customs Officer will endorse the permit after an inspection of the goods. GST for items sold will not be checked at this point.

Type 3 | Duty Paid Permit (“DP” permit) This permit is required only when goods are sold locally. It will be declared before goods are being exported. 7% GST is payable based on invoice value provided.


7% GST (goods and service tax) is to be paid on items listed in the Customs temporary import permit or ATA Carnet when sold, transferred or disposed of locally and on any items that are not re-exported under a Customs export permit or ATA Carnet.
Responsibility for paying the 7% GST to Singapore Customs rests with the seller/owner of the goods via the appointed declaring agent or freight forwarder.

GST is to be declared and paid on the last day of the exhibition unless otherwise arranged with the declaring agent/ freight forwarder.

In the event of goods sold, overseas Participants are to take up a “DP” Permit and pay the 7% GST to Singapore Customs via the declaring agent/ freight forwarder. GST due and not paid will be recovered from the declaring agent. It is imperative for all overseas Participants to declare and pay the due GST on imported items that are sold.
Overseas Participants are by default, not Singapore GST registered companies. Thus, they cannot issue GST invoices and have to absorb the GST payable on the goods brought into Singapore.


JeweLuxe Singapore’s appointed Total Security Provider and precious goods handler will manage the shipment flow, precious goods handling operations and the exhibition’s security. It will also undertake and supervise the following security services: surveillance CCTVs installation | armed guards for daily security | overnight secured storage | overseas and local precious goods handling

Singapore Customs practices high vigilance and queries movements of high value items for exhibitions and private events. JeweLuxe Singapore’s appointed Total Security Provider for precious goods handling on-site and shipments in and out of Singapore to better represent Participants to respond to Singapore Customs’ queries on precious goods handling within the exhibition and to tighten security and surveillance operations.

There will be armed guards at the exhibition supervised by the Total Security Provider. As this is a national event with high profile and prominent visitors of Singapore from the region, the Singapore Police will be alerted and will increase patrols during exhibition period.

JeweLuxe Singapore’s appointed Total Security Provider and precious goods handler is appointed as the preferred agency for precious goods handling on-site and shipments in and out of Singapore, to better represent Participants to respond to Singapore Customs’ queries on precious goods handling within the exhibition and to tighten security and surveillance operations, as well as undertake Participants’ overnight secured storage (commencing from the first night of exhibition) which is part of the entitlements in your package.

a) Must we use JeweLuxe Singapore’s appointed handler?

JeweLuxe Singapore’s appointed Total Security Provider and precious goods handler will provide preferential rates for participants.
However, Participants can opt to appoint and use their own or regular handlers to handle your precious goods shipment for the exhibition.

b) How do we inform our handlers on the delivery and collection of goods? (When and where)


Venue: TENT@Ngee Ann City, Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza, address at 391A Orchard Road Singapore 238874
Please note to indicate your booth number, brand name you are exhibiting under as well as your participation period (Edition 1 & 2, Edition 1 or Edition 2 only) for the goods to be directly correctly to your booth


JeweLuxe Singapore’s appointed handler will be informed to liaise with all handlers to co-ordinate the goods delivery and/or collection time. Participant is to inform their handlers contact details of JeweLuxe Singapore’s appointed handler to connect the two parties.

Goods delivery and collection date and time
– Edition 1 | Delivery on 11.10.19 at 2PM, collection on last day of Edition 1 on 11.10.19 at 9.30PM
– Edition 2 | Delivery on 16.10.19 October at 10AM, collection on last day of Edition 2 on 20.10.19 at 9.30PM


Overnight secured storage is provided as part of your package entitlements.
Participant’s precious goods will be picked up at a designated time every night. All parcels are to be secured in the security bag and sealed with a unique number. Participants may also seal their luggage or trunks used to store the precious goods. Overnight storage tags will be issued. Participant’s sealed security bags, luggage or trunks with same unique number will be delivered at designated time the following morning. Overnight storage tags are mandatory to verify receipt.
JeweLuxe Singapore’s appointed Total Security Provider and handler will manage the secured transfer of precious goods daily to be stored in a secured vault.

Liabilities of precious goods (based on declared value) will be borne by the appointed Total Security Provider and handler once the goods at night are handed over until they are returned to your hands the following morning.

Please inform The Organizer if you do not require the provided service and prefer to engage your own handler to provide you with overnight secured storage service


Participants’ booth and/or exhibition spaces in the Designers Gallery are custom designed and fully outfitted as stated in the Participant Letter of Agreement.

Custom-built glass display showcases are with tempered glass and with lockable cabinets below. Technical drawings will be provided in the Participants Manual.

To enable a stress free move-in for Participants, a Participant’s manual with exhibition details, details on booth set-up, technical drawings of showcases, daily operations and regulations together with your standard booth layout will be sent to you for your pre-planning. Feedback and/or approval by 13.07.19. Your booth will be laid out in the exact manner per your pre-approved layout plan. Participant is only required to set up the merchandise in the showcases. Participant can re-arrange the showcases and/or furniture to their preferred layout (does not apply to Participants participating in the Designers Gallery) by submitting their preferred layout/sketch with additional order forms (if required). And a revised layout plan will be sent back to you for your approval. To confirm layout plan, Participant is to sign off and endorse on the layout plan.
Participant to provide full colour logo in EPS and/or AI formats
Our Production Support team will be on-site to take care of Participant’s daily exhibition needs.
Key contacts list will be provided in the Participant’s Manual.

a) Are we allowed to customize our own visual merchandising and booth display?

Participants are allowed to customize their visual merchandising and display in their display showcases. However in order to maintain a luxurious setting of the festival, the overall festival, booths and exhibition spaces are custom designed, and prior approval is to be obtained by The Organizer for any display of posters and/or visuals. Only approved sizes and visuals are to be used for display on the walls. All posters are to be mounted on foam boards for display
The display showcases are outfitted with beautifully wrapped baseboards (please refer to details and visual reference in the provided Participant’s Manual). Customization of baseboard is not necessary. However, measurement of baseboard will be provided if Participant wishes to customize and wrap the board in their preferred colour and/or corporate colour.


Concealed and exposed CCTVs will be installed at various spots in JeweLuxe Singapore. However, there will not be CCTV specifically monitoring each booth. Participant is to install own CCTV if required.
Standard CCTV packages of two or four-camera options and packages for customised set up will be available for order in the Participants Manual. For customised packages, Participant can contact JeweLuxe Singapore’s appointed Total Security Provider for quotation. Participant is to inform and liaise with The Organiser by 28.09.19 if they are setting up their own CCTVs.

b) Insurance

Do we need to undertake our own insurance?

Yes, Participant is to undertake their own insurance with their provider for the exhibition.
Alternatively, you can also contact JeweLuxe Singapore’s appointed Total Security Provider and handler for quotes, and/or to engage their service.


a) How do we apply for the passes?
Participants can apply for the passes by completing the details required in Form 5 | Participant Passes
Application Form in the provided Participant’s Manual
b) How many passes can we have?
– Participants in JeweLuxe Designers Gallery are entitled to maximum of 3 passes
– All other participants are entitled to maximum of 6 passes
– Request for additional passes is upon approval by The Organiser and on a case-by-case basis
c) Do my delivery people need passes to enter the exhibition?
– Yes. Passes are compulsory during set-up and packing time. Only personnel with passes are allowed entry.
– Your delivery people can request for temporary passes for delivery purposes at the JeweLuxe Registration counter located at JeweLuxe Singapore’s main entrance (facing Ngee Ann City’s Shopping Centre’s main entrance).
– Temporary pass application form will be required to be completed, and identification card is required to be presented for verification.
– The temporary pass is to be returned after use before leaving. Penalty will be levied for failure to return the pass/es.



Participants are to collect their passes on their move-in date from the JeweLuxe Singapore Registration counter located at the main entrance facing Ngee Ann City Shopping Centre main entrance


Participant participating in Edition 1 and ten days in Edition 1 & 2, are to collect their passes and move in for booth set up on 11.10.19 at 11AM Participants participating in Edition 2 are to collect their passes and move in for booth set up on 17.10.19 at 930AM

Do we have enough time for set-up?

To enable a stress-free set up for you in the limited amount of time, booth layout plans will be sent to you for confirmation prior to your move-in.
The showcases and furniture will be set up per your preference and all you need to do is just to set up your product displays. And have sufficient time to freshen up to be ready to meet the VIP guests for the evening cocktail soirees.


The festival will be open to the public, from 1PM to 8PM daily. Admission is free.

a) Daily Operations (non–event days)
10AM –12PM | Participant is to provide daily booth requests and feedback (if any) on the form to I/C on duty
11AM –12PM | Participant is to be punctual at stipulated time at your booth for the Official Total Security
Provider and handler’s daily delivery of precious goods, or else SGD100 late charge will apply.
1PM –8PM | Opens to public daily. Booth set up and jewellery and/or merchandise display to be ready.
Participants must be present in booths throughout opening hours. Booths left unattended will be subject to monetary fines and expulsion after their second warning.
30PM –9.30PM | Collection of merchandise for overnight secure storage by Official Total Security Provider and handler

b) Event operations
There will be several planned private events at 7-9PM on mentioned dates (as below)7PM –9PM | Admission to events is by invitation only.
Each Participant is entitled to 10 guests (non-seated) per event. RSVP are on a first-come-first-served basis
Cocktail event dress code applies (T-shirts, shorts, slippers are strictly not permitted).
The Organiser reserves the right to decline admission of guests who are inappropriately

6:30PM –8PM | Participants with showpiece appearance in runway show is to assign manpower to deliver,
dress model, safeguard and collect showpiece backstage.

9PM –10PM | Participants are not to pack merchandise or leave their booths when customers are still

10PM –11PM | Collection of merchandise for overnight secure storage by Official Total Security Provider and


JeweLuxe Singapore events are managed by The Organizer, its Show Production team and/or appointed event company.
Participant is entitled to one showpiece feature on model in each edition of exhibition
Participant will be advised the events to showcase its showpiece by 17.09.19
The Show Producer will make the final selection of Participant’s showpiece for the runway show on the same event day
Final selection of showpiece/s to be shown in the events would be subjected to the Festival Director and/or Show Producer’s discretion

The Participant is required to bring the selected showpiece backstage and dress the model for the show at the stipulated time provided by the Show Producer.

Participants to submit the following information and materials latest by 18.06.19

a) Biodata (in not more than 100 words)
− About brand history, and what is unique about its design, craft, artistry and/or innovation
− About the spokesperson, to include designation, achievement and professional expertise and accolade
b) Product images that are high resolution above 300 DPI
– 1 X Signature piece exclusively for JeweLuxe Singapore publicity generation leading up to the exhibition
– Up to 5 jewellery pieces with different looks that are impactful and convey your brand’s signature/design philosophy/brand essence, and/or excellence in design, craft, artistry and innovation.
– Participant can choose to create new piece/s exclusively for JeweLuxe Singapore; or select the latest or existing show piece/s not already publicized in any media in the last 6 months.
– The Organizer, when necessary, will recommend how to position the jewellery pieces to maximise publicity.
c) Provision of full specifications of each piece and retail price/s in Singapore dollars (SGD)
– Comprehensive specifications (such as specifications of the type of gems used, carat sizes etc for each piece)
– Description of special craft and/or innovation applied (if applicable)
– Retail prices in SGD must be provided, specially in the category of pieces under SGD 10,000
– If Participant does not want to divulge the retail price/s of your signature piece/s or if prices are not ready, please indicate “price upon request” on the information submission
d) Provision of product image/s in etched/pathed out format
– Etched or pathed out means the background of the product images is on a transparent background. Note product image is not shot on black or white background
− Media typically prefers and may request for etched out image/s for the ease of fitting onto any coloured background of their media and/or publication
− Product image/s provided should be stand-alone image/s and not carry your logo and/or be on model.
− Your photographer and/or appointed agency should be able to provide this service to you using Adobe Photoshop software.
– Alternatively, you can send in a request to Lizard Storm for this service. Etching out of each image will cost between SGD 50–150 per image, depending on the intricacy of the product details.
− If you do not have such image/s ready, Lizard Storm’s PR team will inform you to provide when media request comes in, and media deadline of when image/s is required by will also be informed to Participant.


Our PR team will craft your media responses for your feedback and approval. We will also coordinate all media interviews and requests on your behalf.

It is optional for the Participant to contribute gifts to be given away for the following reasons
− Promotional gifts for media support to get coverage
− Incentive for Partners’ customers to shop−Privilege to high spending customers
− Participant to send images of the gift by 15.07.19
− Overseas participants to handover gifts to Customer Relations Manager onsite.


Participants’ representatives will undertake the introduction and selling of jewellery and/or other merchandise.
JeweLuxe Singapore collaborates with different corporate, professional and social entities to promote the exhibition and the Participants. The sales generating promotions are developed to incentivize the customers and/or members of the respective groups and entities to shop.

The different promotions are separate and not additive. Participant can anticipate maximum 35% discount for sales-generating promotions. This will be inclusive of the (maximum of) 10% sales commission for The Savoir Series events and bank and administration charges for the use of credit/debit card facilities.

The Organiser will undertake the negotiation of offers to promote the Participant to the different collaborating corporate, professional and social entities.

About the commission that JeweLuxe will take on the sales: how does it work?
Please refer to the “Hosted Guests to Further Enhance Sales” stated in the Participant Letter of Agreement


Participant is only required to issue the sales invoice and bring the customer to our JeweLuxe Concierge for transactions using debit cards, credit cards or NETS.
Participant to bring shopper to JeweLuxe Concierge booth along with his/her credit/debit/NETS card and a copy of purchase invoice and inform our Concierge to process the debit/credit card/NETS transaction.
JeweLuxe Concierge will retain photocopy of invoice for record purposes, and provide you a duplicate of the credit/debit/NETS card charge slip for your reference and filing.
Participants can request for cash payments and collect cash directly for purchase/s.
Participant to take note that it is mandatory to declare all cash transactions amounting to SGD 20,000 and above, to the Singapore Police by filling up the Cash Transaction Form (NP 759) with the customer’s personal and purchase details and endorsement which can be collected at the JeweLuxe Concierge.
The Participant will handle customer interactions, enquiries and sales of their products.
The Organizer on-site Duty Managers can be enlisted to help manage complicated customer requirements, if required

Scope of Credit Card Facilities available for overseas Participants who do not have their own credit card facilities can opt to use JSG18 credit card terminals with the following bank and administration charges
– 3.5% | MasterCard and Visa (Local SG issued cards)
– 4% | MasterCard and Visa (Non-SG issued cards
– 4% | American Express
– 3.3% | China Union Pay
– 2% | NETS

Instalment Payment Plan (only for UOB credit cards)

UOB Credit Card members can pay by 6 or 12-month instalments.
Risk of non-repayment is borne by the issuing bank. Participants will receive 100% payment once the credit card transaction is cleared and accounts tallied with The Organizer.
Bank and administration charges apply as below:
− 4% | 6-month instalment
− 4.5% | 12-month instalment
Cash handling

1% administrative fee is applicable if you require Lizard Storm to process the cash proceeds from your exhibition sales to your designated bank account.
Cash to be banked in to Lizard Storm UOB bank account as stated below.
– Account name: Lizard Storm Pte Ltd, UOB Bank Account number: 9343421-580
– Nearest UOB Bank branch, UOB Orchard Branch, 230 Orchard Road Faber House
– Opening hours: Mon –Fri, 930AM –4PM, Sat: 9AM –4PM, Closed on Sunday
– Alternatively you can deposit the cash via cash deposit machine located at the bank.
All cash handling requests are to be provided with the cash bank in slip clearing stating the amount banked in and a copy of sale invoice/s.
Participant must provide Cash Transaction Form (NP 759) with customer’s personal and purchase details and endorsement for cash transaction SGD 20,000 and above to the Singapore Police.
Lizard Storm will only undertake remittance of cash with full legal disclosure.

Participants to complete the Credit Card Usage form in the Participants Manual that will be sent to all participants and submit the completed form to Lizard Storm.

Below is the step-by-step for credit card payment to funds clearance and transfer from Lizard Storm to your company.

Participants will be provided a copy of the customer’s approved credit/debit/NETS card transaction slip when customer pays by debit/credit card or NETS at our Concierge.
The issuing bank pays to Lizard Storm’s bank account.
Participant to issue a master invoice with your company’s letterhead within 5 working days from last day of exhibition.
– Company: Lizard Storm Pte Ltd
– Address: 2 Alexandra Road, #05-02M Delta House, Singapore 159919.
– Attention: Elaine Kok

Please state the following details of itemized transactions in the master invoice:
– Transaction date
– Credit/debit/NETS card transaction reference number
– Transacted amount
– Amount payable to you minus credit card transaction fees applicable
Participants to also provide the required complete bank details for the remittance of funds.
Clearance and remittance of funds to participants will be processed in 30 working days from submission of the master invoice
The Organizer will verify with Participants by phone on the bank details before the remittance of fund.

Participants are to provide details of shopper and items if you require our JeweLuxe Concierge to assist in following up with the shoppers to follow up and close pending deal, as well as to handle the payments from our Singapore office, liaising with the shopper on delivery etc.
Commission of sales (as stated in the Letter of Agreement) and bank charges for use of debit/credit card facilities and/or cash handling applies.

JeweLuxe World is an eCommerce marketplace that leverages on fast changing consumer behavior, the impact and awareness created from the exhibition to push post exhibition sales online with assurance and support of JeweLuxe Concierge. It currently only cater to customers from Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Hong Kong, Philippines, Japan & Indonesia.

All event participants are given a free listing and is allowed to upload up to 30 products. For more details, please refer to https://www.jeweluxeworld.com/merchants/